Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club

We are the premier consulting organization at the University of Pennsylvania, providing students with the opportunities, resources, and community to thrive socially and professionally. WUCC also has a branch specifically dedicated to providing consultation services to businesses locally and remotely.

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Student Involvement

Open to All

WUCC is committed to providing a breadth of experiences for all our members, focusing on continual education while gaining real-world experience.

Develop Your Skills

WUCC hosts frequent workshops to hone your professional skills. Past workshops have included Crack the Consulting Case, Resume Workshops, and Excel 101.

Join a Community

Whether through their committees or during club-wide social events, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with students throughout Penn.

Appy Your Knowledge

Not only does WUCC teach you about consulting, it allows you to apply your skills through consulting with real local businesses.

Consulting Clients

Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club has been working with clients across the United States since 2011. We provide tailored service to each client and develop strategies to meet your individual business goals. Contact us at wucc.consulting@gmail.com to learn more about how Wharton Undergraduate Consulting can help your business today.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Throughout the year, WUCC coordinates with corporate sponsors to organize coffee chats, private dinners, career treks, office visits, case interview and resume workshops, and career fairs. These exclusive opportunities allow our members to meet with and learn more about your company.

In addition to these company specific opportunities to engage with our members, WUCC also hosts over 30 events throughout the year. Past events include panel discussions with current consultants, casing interview prep, and resume workshops. If you are interested in being involved with these events, WUCC is happy to work with your specific goals.

We recognize effective sponsorship will be highly specific. Whether you are looking to compile a resume book from our members or start a case competition on campus under your company name, WUCC is happy to work with you and develop and implement your vision. Contact wucc.consulting@gmail.com to get started today.

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Executive Board

Chloe Ching

Jessica Shen

Jessica Yuan
Vice President of Advisors

Luis Sangueado
Vice President of Advisors

Matthew Farrow
Vice President of Conference

Frank Hong
Vice President of Corporate Relations

Travis Legum
Vice President of Events

Anthony Hu
Vice President of Marketing

Ariana Freire
Vice President of Internal Development

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